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Svendborg Brakes have become a brand name in the world of industrial braking systems and they have found success on an international scale in a multitude of industries and applications.  You can find Svendborg brakes on wind turbines, ball/sag mills, Drawworks, and numerous other industrial applications and their brake and accessories are engineered to extremely rigorous standards to insure long product life and outstanding performance.

Svendborg Hydraulic Brake

Svendborg Hydraulic Disc Brake

Svendborg Product Line Includes the Following:

All-Inclusive Supplier:

One of Svendborg’s many benefits lies in its ability to provide complete turnkey braking solutions.  Svendborg can offer customized brakes, power units/actuators, and controls (PLC) to create a complete solution that enables a seamless design.

More Information:Svendborg Hydraulic Power Unit

For more information about Svendborg products, contact a Kor-Pak representative.  Click HERE for a Svendborg brochure.


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