Brakes For Grinding Mills, Ball & Sag Mills

Kor-Pak specializes in the design, engineering, selection, packaging, and service/repair for Industrial Braking Systems for Grinding Mills used in Mining applications including Ball and Sag mills.


Brakes For Grinding Mills, Ball & Sag Millsmount-milligan-mine-brakes

Kor-Pak is your source for industrial brakes used for high-energy mining applications that require extremely high torque values and withstand harsh environmental conditions.  Our diverse and impressive portfolio of spring-applied caliper disc brakes, power units, controls, friction materials, overrunning clutches, transmission products, and engineering/repair services give Kor-Pak a competitive advantage to be an outstanding supplier and service center for mining applications around the world.

Industrial Caliper Disc Brakes

When it comes to industrial brakes, Kor-Pak is experienced, versatile, adaptive, and innovative.  Whether it be a small magnet disc or drum brake or a hydraulic caliper brake with a colossal amount of applied force, Kor-Pak can meet your needs.  Our brake offerings include:

Direct Acting Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Hydraulic Power Unit

Direct Acting Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Spring-Applied, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Caliper Brakes
  • TL Series Brakes for Extremely High Torque Requirements
  • DC Magnetic Drum Brakes for continuous or emergency duty
  • AC Electro-Hydraulic (Elhy) Thruster Released Shoe or Disc Brakes
  • Hydraulic and Air Power Units
  • Disc, Drums, Couplings
  • Controls, PLC
  • Commissioning, Upgrades, Modernizations, Engineering, Remanufacturing, Repair
  • Reverse Engineering

Kor-Pak Designs and Offers Braking Systems to Meet YOUR Needs: Putting the Customer First

At Kor-Pak, we don’t believe in providing a catalog of brakes and asking the customer to choose which one they want.  Instead, we ask the customer about their applications and what their needs and expectations are and we will work from their to meet their final objective.  We treat every application as unique and customize our brake packages according to customer requirements.  Preliminary site visits are often required, as well as ongoing project management and engineering which is standard for Kor-Pak.  At Kor-Pak, we enjoy helping our customers find solutions and satisfying their needs.

Contact Us for Your Grinding Mill NeedsHuge Mine Excavator For Brown Coal

Kor-Pak has experience in the design, selection, and packaging of industrial braking systems for Grinding Mill Applications.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information, and we can provide case studies of applications where we have successfully implemented new industrial brake systems.