Drawworks Disc Brakes

Kor-Pak is Your Source for High-Quality, Precision Engineered, and Customized Drawworks Disc Brake Systems

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Kor-Pak is your solution for drawworks disc brakes and controls.  Whether it be engineering a new braking system, replacing an existing one, or sourcing spare parts and repairing old equipment, Kor-Pak can meet your needs.  Our versatile manufacturing and sourcing capabilities in conjunction with strategic partnerships and engineering competencies enable us to provide you with a robust solution at an attractive price.  Click on the link to view our new Kor-Pak Oil/Gas Catalog.

Let us know what you are working with and how we can make it better

Pneumatic caliper disc brakes on a ventilated brake disc  mounted on a 300,000 lb Drawworks.

Pneumatic caliper disc brakes on a ventilated brake disc mounted on a 300,000 lb Drawworks.

There are several variables involved with designing the optimal braking system for your drawworks braking system, and Kor-Pak understands the importance of preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency.  Kor-Pak strives to be a supplier you can trust and rely on to get you the service and support you need to prevent downtime from occurring.

Kor-Pak also understands that every company has an operating budget and cost reduction and strategic procurement is imperative to running a healthy business.  Procuring spare parts and getting the help you need often comes at a high cost, but Kor-Pak will help you achieve your objectives at an affordable price.  Our objective is establishing loyal and long-term working relationships with our clients which has been our business philosophy since 1976.

“Think Globally, Act Locally”town

Kor-Pak is an international supplier that thinks globally and acts locally and we support various markets around the world.  No matter where you are located, Kor-Pak will go to any length to help you meet your objectives and work diligently to be your preferred supply chain partner.

If you have an existing braking system on your draw works and wish to improve it, need parts reconditioned or reverse engineered, have a technical question or issue that you need help resolving, or are interested in designing a new braking system, please contact a Kor-Pak representative who will help you find the optimal solution for your specific needs.

Examples of  Kor-Pak Draw Works Service and Parking Caliper Disc Brakesimages

Kor-Pak provides custom designed brakes for drawworks and service rigs, as well as  OEM and Aftermarket parts and complete assemblies for Johnson, Twiflex, Svendborg, Dellner, Wichita, Airflex, and many other brand names.  We possess the knowledge assets and expertise required to troubleshoot questions and issues with these brakes and perform engineering services that will cater to your needs.

Oil Dig Caliper Disc Brakes Can be offered as:

  • Spring-applied, free floating, and self-centering mechanisms
  • Spring-set and hydraulic or air release actuation (fail safe for emergency braking applications)
  • Hydraulic or air applied brakes also available which are required under certain application-specific circumstances (service)
  • Foot or Side Mounted
  • Internal Coil Springs for optimal reliability
  • Non-asbestos organic or sintered friction linings are available to accommodate harsh environments and high thermal capacities that have a large surface area and thickness and are easily ds3changeable for ease of maintenance.
  • External lube points on all critical wear areas
  • release indicating/interlock switch available for braking controls
  • Application engineering available to assist in brake selection process
  • Ventilated discs to dissipate heat better than alternative materials

Kor-Pak can design new braking systems  including controls and power units, as well as retrofit and/or repair your existing drawworks as well we performing engineering, commissioning, and technical support services.