Dellner Brakes

Kor-Pak Supplies Dellner Brakes

Dellner Brakes are successfully used for multiple industries and applications including Oil/Gas (Top Drives and Service Rigs), Logging (Service and Parking Brakes), Mining/Metals (Primary and Secondary service and parking brakes), and many others.  Dellner Brakes can be spring-applied or spring-released with hydraulic, air, and magnetic actuation.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information


Kor-Pak Provides Dellner Brakes, A Leading Supplier In Industrial Braking Solutions

Dellner Offers the Following Brake Packages:

  • Pressure applied, disc brake calipers for stopping and/or holding applications, alternatively spring applied, hydraulic pressure released disc brakes for emergency and parking braking applications.
  • Brake discs and hubs.
  • Standard or customized mounting brackets.
  • Various pressure supply options.

 Dellner Hydraulic pressure applied, spring released caliper disc brakes

SKD 35           SKD 50                    SKD 65
Disc Brake SKD 35               Disc brake SKD 50                     Disc brake SKD 65

Braking force up to 8000 N      Braking force up to 16200 N        Braking force up to 27300 N

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Disc brake SKD 80

Braking force up to 41400 N

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                  SKD 100

Disc brake SKD 90                       Disc brake SKD 100

Braking force up to 104800 N          Braking force up to 129200 N
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SKD 4x100                                              SKD 4x125
Disc brake SKD 4×100                                          Disc brake SKD 4×125

Braking force up to 258800 N                                    Braking force up to 404200 N

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Dellner Spring applied, hydraulic pressure released brakes

SKP 50                                               SKP 95
Disc brake SKP 50                                              Disc Brake SKP 95

Braking force                                                               Braking force
2700 N – 12400 N                                                       10700 N – 33500 N

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SKP 140                                        SKP 220
Disc Brake SKP 140                                         Disc brake SKP 220

Braking force                                                              Braking force
26200 N – 113600 N                                                 98700 N – 294400 N

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SKP 65SA                                    SKP 95 SA
Disc brake SKP 65-SA                                 Disc brake SKP 95-SA

Braking force                                                        Braking force
2000 N – 18200 N                                                10700N – 33500 N

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SKP 140 SA                               SKP 220 SA
Disc brake SKP 140-SA                             Disc brake SKP 220-SA

Braking force                                                       Braking force
26300 N – 117600 N                                          98700 N – 294400 N

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Dellner Spring applied, hydraulic pressure released, with support and hydraulic power pack

Compact 50                                             Compact 95

Braking force                                                  Braking force
2700 N – 12400 N                                          10700 N – 33500 N

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Compact 140

Braking force
26200 N – 113600 N



EFP 2 X 40

Disc Brake EFP

Braking force 14000 N – 120000 N

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