Brakes for Movable Bridges

Kor-Pak has successfully supplied multiple industrial brake systems for movable bridge applications.  This includes a complete brake package with thruster or magnetic drum or disc brakes, brake wheels, discs, couplings, enclosures, and other equipment as well such as motors and controls.


Kor-Pak has provided brakes for movable bridges around the world.

Thruster Brake for Movable Bridge

Spring-Set Thruster Released Drum Brake for Movable Bridge

Heavy Movable Structures Brakes: The Complete Package

Movable Bridge Brake Systems are typically not standard packages; in fact, they are usually quite the contrary.  That is why Kor-Pak is a top choice for systems integrators and end users for movable bridge brake systems as we possess years of experience to get the correct system engineered, specified, and supplied.

Customized Brake Packages for Bridge Applications

Our brakes will be manufactured to meet your required specifications.  Kor-Pak can provide custom features and adders including set and release limit switches, stainless steel components, lowering valve, stainless steel brake wheels bored and keyed, special lining thicknesses, custom voltages, high-temp oil, stainless steel enclosures, and many other custom adders as well.

Contact a Kor-Pak Corporation representative today for more information: references and case studies are available upon request.