Crane Brakes

Kor-Pak is a Crane Brakes specialist and supplies all of your Crane Brake needs including design, selection, repair, service, engineering, OEM, Aftermarket, and Retrofit.


STS Crane


Kor-Pak Specializes in Crane Brakes.  Whether it be RTG (Rubber Tire Gantry) Crane Brakes, STS (Ship To Shore) Brakes, EOT (Electrical Overhead Traveling) Crane Brakes, Mobile Cranes, or another type of crane, Kor-Pak can meet all your needs for brakes, accessories, controls engineering, selection, design, service, and repair for your industrial braking system.

Kor-Pak has been supplying, repairing, and manufacturing brake parts and systems for many years and we possess extensive knowledge for multiple OEM and Aftermarket Brands.  No matter what the braking application, Kor-Pak can meet your needs.  We invite you to browse our various models, brake types, and other services available.  Whether you already have a preferred brake system in mind, are unsure about what brakes you need and require more information, or need to design a new system or retrofit/upgrade an existing brake package, Kor-Pak can tailor your brake package to meet your application, budget, and technical requirements.

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