Overhead Crane Brakes

Kor-Pak is your primary source for Crane Brakes.  With close to forty years of experience, Kor-Pak can provide the brake selection, engineering, and service that you need to keep your crane running at optimal efficiency.



Overhead Crane Brakes

Overhead Crane Thruster Drum Brake

Thruster Drum Brake

Kor-Pak Corporation is a specialist in providing industrial brakes for Electrical Traveling Crane (EOT) braking systems and related accessories.  Kor-Pak provides disc, drum, and storm brakes for EOT cranes that can be used for bridge, trolley, and hoist motions and can be used as service, holding, and emergency brakes.

Bridge and Trolley Brakes

There are various types of brakes that can be successfully used for bridge and trolley motions.  Traditionally, DC Magnetic Drum brakes have been the brake of choice, and AC and DC Thruster Drum brakes have become increasingly popular as they offer many features and benefits such as a sliding torque tube and lowering valve.  Thruster or Magnetic Disc Brakes are also good options for bridge and trolley brakes as the calipers grip to a flat surface and thus achieve greater contact when interfacing with the disc which yields greater friction coefficient and ultimately better braking.  Dual Caliper Disc brakes are an ideal blend of a disc and a drum brake as they provide even contact points with the disc which is similar to drum brakes while also gripping onto a flat surface as opposed to drum brakes which interface with a curved surface.  Dual Caliper Disc Brakes provide a balanced load (zero overhung load) and ultimately present a safer option as there is no propensity for shaft twisting which can happen from the traditional disc brakes.

Hoist Crane Brakes

Spring-Set Electro-Hydraulic Thruster Brake on Main Hoist

Spring-Set Electro-Hydraulic Thruster Brake on Main Hoist

Hoist brakes are critical to the success and efficiency of many industrial operations and brakes are a vital component to the functionality and safety of the crane.  On the high speed side of the crane, thruster or magnetic disc or drum brakes are used for service duty.  Caliper Disc brakes are used for emergency duty and are on the low-speed side of the crane to prevent a load from falling in the event of s shaft breaking or transmission failure.

Kor-Pak offers the following brakes and related accessories/services for Main and Auxiliary Hoist Crane Brake Systems:

  • Thruster Drum Brakes

    Emergency Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes for Main Hoist

    Emergency Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes for Main Hoist

  • Thruster Disc Brakes
  • DC Magnetic Drum Brakes
  • Air and Hydraulic Released Caliper Disc Brakes
  • PLC, Encoders, Discs, Drums, Gears, Friction Pads, Power Units, AC and DC Controls, Remote Controls
  • Repair, Brake Selection Assistance, System Integration, Upgrades, Inspection, Brake and Thruster Rebuild

Crane Brake Accessories

Kor-Pak provides hundreds of products for Overhead Crane Braking Systems, including:

  • DiscsBrake Accessories
  • Drums
    • Rough Stock Bore or Bored and Keyed to your desired dimensions
  • Couplings
  • Actuators
    • Coils
    • Thrusters
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Units
  • Spare Parts
    • Pins, Bushings, Self-adjusting mechanisms, springs, shoes, etc.
  • Controllers
  • Limit Switches
  • Many more

For more information, please contact a Kor-Pak representative today to assist you with your Overhead Crane Braking System needs.