Thruster Drum Brakes

Kor-Pak is your one-stop source for spring-applied, electro-hydraulic released thruster drum brakes.  Whether it be brake selection, service, support, or design, Kor-Pak will meet your needs.



Thruster Drum Brakes are successfully used in many industries for various applications and Kor-Pak Corporation is your

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Thruster Drum Brakes: Spring-Applied, Fail-Safe Brakes

Thruster Drum Brakes are spring-set and thruster released; the thruster is electro-hydraulic, 3-phase, including a motor and hydraulic fluid.  When power is removed, the friction lining of the brake shoe applies to the rotating drum which creates friction and ultimately stops the rotating wheel from moving.

 Benefits of Thruster Drum Brakes

Thruster drum brakes possess a scalable torque tube which means that torque can be ostensibly adjusted which is ideal; for instance, as the linings gradually bed into the wheel (burnish), greater mechanical braking torque will be achieved and consequently the torque may need to be reduced.  Compared to magnetic drum brakes, the brake operator can set the exact torque amount which yields more precise braking and enhanced safety.thruster hoist

Thruster drum brakes also provide a clean, efficient, and economical package.  Thrusters can accommodate high temperatures, especially with the addition of silicone fluid and high-temperature kits.  Furthermore, a lowering valve/time delay can be added to the thruster to time the setting of the brake, and set/release limit switches can also be added.  This is an ideal setup to be used in conjunction with variable frequency drives.  External torque springs and self-adjust mechanisms for lining wear compensation are also ideal features of these brakes.

Thruster Drum Brake Maintenance

Thruster drum brake in melt shop: enduring high heat and dusty envronment

Thruster drum brakes in melt shop: enduring high heat and dusty envronment

Thruster drum brakes consist of an electro-hydraulic actuator/thruster and the movement.  Thrusters can be repaired for an affordable price and reconditioned to “like new” condition.  Brake shoes can be relined, and the movement will last long and may need to be reconditioned on occasion.  Overall, thruster brakes are designed to be “hands-off” and maintenance friendly brakes, making them an ideal choice for numerous applications such as steel mills (i.e. hoist and bridge/trolley brakes in melt shops), moveable structures (bridge brakes), container crane brakes, and many more.

Kor-Pak is Your Single Source for Thruster Drum Brake Parts, Service, and Support

  • Reconditon thruster brake assemblies and actuators
  • Design and engineer new thruster brake systems for custom applications
  • Provide field service/support to help troubleshoot
  • Provide on-site training for maintenance personnel
  • Upgrade/retrofit existing brakes with thruster-style brakes
  • Provide accessories: spare parts, brake wheels, enclosures, limit switches, shoes, reline brake shoes, pins, self-adjust mechanisms, and many more.
  • Integrate entire systems: thruster brakes, variable frequency drives/controls, PLC, etc.Brake Accessories MH_Actuators_ED301

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