YW Series Thruster Drum Brakes

YW Series Thruster Drum Brakes are cost-effective and high-quality industrial disc brakes used for various applications.  YW Series brakes are spring-set, electro-hydraulic released.  YW series brakes are manufactured to DIN standards and can also be furnished to AISE standards as well.  YW series thruster drum brakes are offered in a wide range of mechanical braking torque and can be used with a variety of electro-hydraulic thrusters for actuation, providing a range of working stroke.  The thrusters are 3-phase, 230/460VAC and provide smooth braking industrial braking applications such as cranes, bridges, conveyors, and metals processing.

YW Series Brakes Brochure




YW Series Thruster Drum Brakes

Electro-hydraulic drum brakes can be used extensively for the deceleration of various industrial

applications such as Port Handling, Hoisting, Mining and Metals Processing, Movable Bridges,

Conveyors, and various others.


Main Design Features:

YWZ2.YWZ4.YWZB.YWZD Series Thruster Drum Brakes

YWZ2.YWZ4.YWZB.YWZD Series Thruster Drum Brakes

  • Interlocking shoe clearance balancing device (patented technology) and shoe
  • Automatic self-adjusting device to perpetually equalize brake shoe gap clearance and makes brake adjustment unnecessary. This allows for lining wear compensation and minimizes the frequency of having to replace linings.
  • Scalable torque tube makes braking torque visual and quantifiable and allows the end user to adjust torque to their desired amount.
  • Non-asbestos rigid molded friction linings are standard, bonded and/or riveted for robust braking.
  • Various thruster sizes and strokes are available

Additional Options:

  • Open(Release) or close (set) limit-switch, which indicates whether the brake is properly released or closed.
  • YW.YWB.YWZ5.YWZE.YWZ6.YWZF and YWH series brakes with self-adjust mechanisms for lining wear compensation.
  • Lining-wear limit-switch to signal when linings need replacement.
  • Lowering Valve available which creates a time delay for the thruster to set.

Operating Conditions:

Ambient temperature:-25~+50.

Relative humidity: -90%.

Voltages:380~400V 50Hz 440~460V 60Hz

Operating duty: intermittent (S3-60%.1200 times per hour) and continuous (S1).

Special requirements can be discussed in order.

Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information about our YW Series thruster drum brakes.  Kor-Pak offers brake selection assistance, application engineering, as well as brake and actuator reconditioning services.