Scan-Pac Friction Products: What You Should Know

With a variety of friction product manufacturers on the market, it can be tough to find out how to get the best materials at the best cost.

The quality of friction material in your equipment has a huge impact on safety, stability, and longevity.

Below is a quick overview of what you should know about Scan-Pac, an excellent friction products manufacturer.

1. History

The company was founded in 1973 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Scan Pac was the original fabricator of Johns Manville calendared friction materials.

During its 44 years in business, the company has gone through multiple expansions in its facilities and product line.

2. Expansive American Manufacturing

Scan-Pac’s three manufacturing facilities, located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and Magnolia, Texas, make up a combined 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The company uses the following equipment in its manufacturing labs:

  • CMM
  • Chase Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Impact Tester
  • Gogan Hardness Tester
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Soxhlet Apparatus
  • Furnace
  • Specific Gravity Analyzer
  • Particle Size Analyzer
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Melting Point Analyzer
  • Viscometer
  • Cure Time & Gel Time Tester

Each manufacturing plant specializes in the production of certain materials, ensuring the efficient production time and expertise among staff.

3. Serving Various Industries

Scan-Pac provides a large number of industries with friction materials.

These markets include:

  • Agricultural
  • Oilfield
  • PT Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Material Handling
  • Paper Production
  • Railroad and Rail Parts
  • Wind Power
  • Construction
  • Winches
  • Metal and Aluminium

Each of these markets has unique needs, and with a certification of quality management excellence, the company has a great reputation with satisfied customers around the globe.

4. Diverse Product Line

On the products page of Scan Pac’s website, there is an expansive list of materials produced by the company.

From Gatke materials to flexible products and Gemini woven, molded, or extruded materials, the materials produced will fit the needs of many projects.

There are even dedicated pages set aside for oilfield related materials, truck blocks, and sintered products.

5. Worldwide Distribution

Wherever you’re located, these products will likely be available.

The company has over 20 distributors worldwide, with 19 in North America alone!

6. Scan-Pac Helps You Pick The Right Materials

One of the most popular features on the company’s website is the material recommendations tool.

By browsing to this tool, you can select from a variety of categories such as caliper brakes, wear products, band brakes, and more.

From there, Scan Pac allows you to select from a list of uses from elevator brakes to oilfield products and windmills.

When you choose the equipment you need parts for; you’ll then be presented with a recommendation of one or more materials complete with part number, the coefficient of friction, and wear rate.

This tool is extremely helpful as it allows you to quickly find the exact part you’ll need and to contact a distributor with all necessary information!

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As you can now see, Scan-Pac is a company that has a history of excellence offering a robust product line.

If you need assistance sourcing friction products, we can help!

Check out the industries we serve and let us know more about your specific needs.

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