Stromag: 5 Benefits of a Stromag Eddy Current Brake

On the surface, theme parks, train stations, and gyms don’t seem to have much in common. However, a careful observer may notice they all use some shared technology. One of those technological pieces is a Stromag eddy current brake.

Eddy current technology cleverly uses magnetic principles to achieve incredible results. They purposefully create these currents in a product to allow for smooth, uninhibited deceleration.

These brakes are a popular choice for their efficiency and low maintenance. In this guide, we’ll examine the benefits of the Stromag brake by exploring its many applications. Let’s get started!

Gym Equipment Can Utilize the Stromag Eddy Current Brake

When people think of industrial brakes, they often think of their use in industrial equipment ranging from trains to cranes. However, exercise equipment manufacturers have found other ways to implement Stromag brake models.

One example of how gyms use eddy current brakes is in ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes. For instance, exercise bikes use eddy current brakes when riders simulate an uphill climb. This shift increases the drag between the bike’s magnet and the non-magnetic conductor.

The result is that the drag makes it more difficult for the rider to peddle. However, when the rider needs to decrease their incline, the brake can use this eddy current to make the transition seamless. 

The Stromag Emergency Brake in Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment of all kinds, from vehicles to power tools, have safety concerns. In an emergency, regular brakes may not be fast enough to mitigate problems. Instead, this equipment needs a way to stop its movement instantly. 

That’s where an eddy brake comes in. These brakes utilize their eddy current to instantly shut down the equipment when the user engages the brake. 

Stromag’s type OOSA and OSA emergency brakes are often ideal for these scenarios. These products feature several top-quality benefits. They include fail-safe braking, braking by spring, an electromagnetic release, and more.

These models include additional options as well, such as their varying release mechanisms. These include manual release levers and hydraulic releases. You can also have them mounted on an axis disc.

Usage in Electric Trains

Electric trains also use Stromag clutch and brake models for their railway systems. There are two primary reasons for this: low maintenance costs and the brake’s speed.

Eddy current brakes provide a safe transition for moving trains. With their electric power transmission, these trains can smoothly decelerate in a way that offers comfort and safety for passengers. In addition, this technology has allowed several train types to reach higher speeds. 

Stromag has several rail brakes that aid in this power transmission. One such model is the GRBS brake, which uses state-of-the-art technology to balance the brake’s weight. 

Find Your Stromag Eddy Current Brake Today

Stromag produces several reliable and high-end brakes suitable for many purposes. If you need a Stromag eddy current brake, check out our products list today! In addition, we provide several brake types to help your business.

We also have maintenance and support services for companies using Stromag brakes. Contact our offices if your equipment needs support today.


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