Switching From a DC to AC Crane Motor? What You Need to Know

Trying to decide if you should switch from DC to AC?

Before you make the decision, you have to know the difference between DC and AC motors and what kind of benefits they give you.

Take a look at this guide to find out if you should make the switch.

DC vs. AC Motors: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between these motors is the current they use.

For example, DC motors are power because they take direct current electrical energy and change it into mechanical energy. AC motors do the same thing; only they use an alternating current to draw their energy.

But what does this mean?

Well, let’s break it down.

DC Motors: These motors change the current’s direction by using a commutation ring, a system of carbon brushes, and a rotating armature. The motor has several magnets inside of it that make the motor turn by interacting with a rotor.

AC Motors: There are two different types of AC motors; one is an induction motor, and the other is a synchronous motor.

The induction motor gets power from the input voltage by using a serious of coils. This makes a stator field, and that powers the rotor field.

The synchronous motor creates a magnetic field by using either slip rings or magnets, which is called a precision supply frequency.

From DC to AC: Is the Switch Worth It?

Some benefits come with making the switch from DC motors to AC motors. So, in short, getting AC upgrades is worth it.

We’ll take a look at some of those benefits and find out how they can save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

But first, let’s look at some of the downsides that come with DC motors.

The Downsides of Using a DC Motor

DC motors may be effective, but they are also older than AC motors. With age comes complications.

As more and more people switch from DC to AC, DC technology is getting harder to come by. Some types of DC technology aren’t available anymore at all, so making repairs to your DC motor can be time-consuming and difficult.

Even if you find a place that can make the DC technology you need, it can take several months to build. In the worst cases, you can wait for nearly half a year for the right parts.

If your company depends on a DC motor, a seemingly simple repair can stop your progress for a long time.

The Benefits of Using AC Motors

AC motors are newer, have lower HP, and use significantly less amperage than DC motors. This means they use a fraction of the power DC motors use. In most cases, making AC upgrades will cut your energy consumption and attendant costs nearly in half.

AC motors have more available technology at much lower prices, and they can include new safety features.

Because of this, you’ll probably find AC motors last longer than DC motors as well.

What to Know When You’re Making the Switch

The biggest drawback of switching to AC motors is a lack of AC power supply. But if your facility is to run on AC power it will save you money in the long run.

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