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Do You Need New Industrial Brake Hardware?

According to Joe McIsaac of Carlson Quality Brake Parts, “Most hardware is already removed when your pads and rotors are replaced, so it only takes a few extra minutes to install new hardware instead of replacing the old, worn parts,”

This has been a huge debate in the machine world, replace or keep old parts.

Here are just a few ways to tell when your brake hardware is going bad, and why it’s wiser to replace everything.

What Causes The Brake Hardware To Go Bad

No amount of lubricant or grease can make up for bad hardware. No matter how often you try to delay the inevitable.

You end up saving money in the end by simply replacing the hardware. A fresh set of hardware gains you horsepower and reduces drag.

Constant heating and cooling cause your springs and rattle clips to weaken. What you get as a result is excessive movement, binding, pulling warping uneven wear, and unwanted noise.

How Do You Know If They Need To Be Replaced

There are several factors that you need to take into account when deciding if you need to replace your brakes.

Your Production Has Changed Or Increased

Sometimes your production patterns change. This isn’t an unusual phenomenon, and when this happens, even your best equipment will need to change with it.

You might be required to add on weight and heavier materials that your equipment isn’t strong enough to handle.

Not only may you be adding more weight, but you may be adding to how much you use your machinery per hour.

All of these factors can cause your brakes to wear, and if they entirely give out, it may become very costly to fix the issue.

Replacement Parts May Become Fairly Difficult To Obtain

The older your machinery gets, the harder it becomes to find replacement parts. This is a nature of the beast.

If you keep putting off finding new parts, it may become more difficult and expensive to find them later on down the line.

In this case, it might be best to go ahead and replace all of your parts rather than just the breaks.

This ensures that you have your parts and you won’t have to kill yourself looking for them later.

You’re Having To Make Repairs Frequently

If you find you are continually making repairs, it might be time to replace the brake system.

If you have to keep doing repairs on your machines, it becomes more costly than just replacing the hardware because productivity dies when the machine is always down.

You might think a little grease might do the trick or keep putting it off, but replacing the Hardware is best in the end.

Replace the Parts Vs. Grease

Many think that a little grease rather than replacing the brakes is the best option. However, it is not.

Automotive labs have proven that replacing the parts rather than using grease to prolong the inevitable has increased performance and reduced brake noise by a large margin.

If you just keep trying to fix the old equipment with grease, your system will eventually give out and be more expensive to fix later.

Don’t Put Off Replacing Your Brake Hardware

When you put off replacing your brake hardware, you run the risk of destroying your whole system.

Trying to save money by not doing these replacements will just cost you more in the end. Look for signs and solve the problem before this happens.

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