Tips For Maintaining Your Stromag Couplings

Tips For Maintaining Your Stromag Couplings

Stromag couplings are built to last. But just like with any part of machinery, if you don’t take care of it then it won’t last.

Would you use your brakes without ever considering their maintenance? Of course not!

In fact, if your couplings aren’t properly designed, aligned, installed and maintained then your machine might not even get up to speed before the couplings give out.

If you’re going to invest in the quality machinery, then make sure you’re getting the right coupling for your needs, you use it correctly, and you maintain your couplings well.

If you consider the following tips for Stromag couplings, then you’ll definitely be getting your monies worth out of the product.

Get the Right Design

The first step in proper Stromag coupling maintenance is getting the right coupling design for your purposes. You’ll have to consider more than just whether or not a coupling fits.

Different Stromag couplings are designed for different levels of torque, horsepower, starting load and more. If you start out with the wrong coupling then it will never perform the way you want it to. Make sure the coupling you buy is right for the job you need.

Make sure the coupling you buy is right for the job you need.

Get the Assembly Right

Once you’ve gotten the right kind of Stromag coupling, it’s time to assemble it.

If you don’t assemble your coupling correctly, then you can’t expect it to perform well or last long.

Here are some good rules of thumb when assembling a Stromag coupling:

  • Set the key ways 180 degrees apart. This isn’t necessarily required but it’s been assumed for years to help keep the coupling balanced.
  • Make sure your axial spacing is correct for your specific type of Stromag coupling. If your axials are too close together it can lead to decreased coupling flexibility. If your axials are too far apart then it will lead to increased wear

When you buy a Stromag coupling it will come with specific instructions and information about the proper assembly.

Keep Your Stromag Coupling Lubricated

There are some Stromag couplings that require specific lubrication. It’s is important not to neglect the lubrication needs of your Stromag coupling.

If you keep your coupling well lubricated with the correct type of lubrication then it will continue to function well. A dry and neglected coupling isn’t going to last as long as you want it too.

The instructions that come with your Stromag coupling will be clear about all of your coupling’s lubrication needs. Take this information seriously!


Last but not least, inspection is a vital piece of coupling maintenance. If you aren’t regularly inspecting the state of your Stromag couplings, then you won’t know what they need.

Every machine needs regular inspection to maximize it’s shelf life and efficiency. When you inspect your couplings you’ll have to check for sufficient lubrication, alignment, indications of wear, correctly seated keys. And like with any machine, you’ll have to ensure that all of the screws are tight and in good condition.

If you take some time before you buy Stromag couplings to make sure you’re getting the correct set, you put them together correctly, and you inspect regularly for good maintenance then your couplings should last you a long time.

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