Top Three Crane Repair Services

Projections show that the global crane market will reach a value of $49.64 billion by 2028.

Cranes are incredibly useful in many industries, but they will experience failures with time. When this happens, or sometimes even before it happens, you will need to hire a professional crane repair service so that you can keep things running.

Keep reading for a rundown of 3 of the leading crane repair services. 

1. Routine Maintenance

Like all heavy machinery, Cranes should have maintenance carried out regularly, regardless of their working state. Therefore, OSHA and crane manufacturers suggest basing the timings of inspections on time in use.

OSHA and ANSI require different types of inspections. Some are needed daily and others monthly. Beyond that, crane service and repair should generally be monthly or annually, depending on how much time the crane is in operation and the environment it is in.

You can track this information online to ensure you can keep everything in order and you can use a transponder to monitor and record maintenance information. This will then provide reminders for maintenance and inspections.

2. Wear and Tear

Even if a crane is well cared for, components will naturally wear down with time. There are a lot of moving parts, and having to lift heavy loads regularly means that crane repair will definitely be needed at some point.

When doing daily inspections, a crane operator should assess the state of most parts of a crane for signs of damage or wear and determine if any repairs are needed.

A typical example could be the wheels or runway beams wearing down. This is often the result of an alignment flaw that causes skewing as the crane moves.

Even without skewing, the wheels will wear down after a time and need replacing to prevent an accident from occurring.

Wear and tear can also apply to electrical components. Usually, these are pretty minor, but a small electrical problem could cause significant damage in time if not attended to.

3. Unexpected Damage

While uncommon, accidents can always happen. This could be the result of human error or something beyond anyone’s control. Either way, significant failures can bring a halt to operations until repairs are carried out.

Kor-Pak is a professional crane repair service dedicated to increasing your uptime and keeping everything running smoothly. If any parts of your crane are damaged beyond repair, Kor-Pak can source replacement parts and fit them into your equipment.

Sometimes parts aren’t too damaged, in which case we can repair or refurbish as needed, and even retrofit improved parts where possible. However, sometimes the nature of the damage may require a custom fabricated part which we are more than capable of taking care of.

Under some circumstances, we can even reverse engineer and improve parts, increasing the quality of your products. Some parts and services we offer include:

  • Crane and hoist controls
  • Brake and clutch accessories
  • Industrial braking and clutch systems
  • Crane boom repair services
  • Crane modernization and upgrades
  • Overhead crane inspections

Professional Crane Repair Services

Whether it’s routine inspections or repairs for a full breakdown, you want to make sure you hire crane repair services you can rely on. Kor-Pak meets all standards and regulations set by OSHA and ANSI, ensuring you get the best service possible.

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