Is It Time for an Overhead Crane Repair? 5 Signs To Look For

Did you know that an overhead crane can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years? Exactly how long you have a functioning crane can depend on several factors, including maintenance and repairs.

By providing adequate upkeep, you can catch damage early and prevent it from getting worse. But what warning signs do you have to watch?

Read on to learn when to turn to an overhead crane repair expert for help.

Bent Hooks

When the weight of the material the crane picks up is not balanced correctly on the hook, it can cause the hook to bend or crack. A damaged hook will make picking up the next load more difficult and even dangerous.

After using the crane, you need to look at the hook. If you see that it is bent or cracked, this is a sign you need crane parts.

Snapped Chain Links

A crane spends hours lifting heavy material, and this can cause a weakening in the chain links. If not caught early, this weakening will only get worse, and you will end up with snapped chain links.

Sometimes, chain links are crushed, which is more challenging to recognize. A snapped or crushed link can weaken the entire crane structure, making a regular inspection of the machine’s chains vital.

Rusted Parts

If you notice rusted crane parts, you will need to get replacements. Like anything with moving metal parts, a crane is prone to rust. The most common parts prone to rust are joints, bearings, and wires.

Rusted parts can prevent the crane from working as efficiently as possible and can even pose a danger to the operators. So the moment you see one, consider replacing the rusted part.

Dry and Frayed Wire Rope

A crane uses a wire to move the loads of materials steadily. If the wire is not lubricated enough, it can start fraying and snap.

Extreme temperatures can affect the wire, drying it out much more rapidly than would otherwise happen. If you notice any fraying, you need to call an expert.

Worn Clutch or Brakes

In the same way, you would check the clutch and brakes in any other vehicle; you need to do so with a crane. Brakes that do not function efficiently make operating a crane dangerous.

You will want to inspect the brakes. If they are worn, then relining them can extend their life.

Overhead Crane Repair: How to Prevent Problems

To catch issues when they start and before they get worse, you need regular maintenance checks on your tower crane or mobile crane.

Avoid overloading the crane and take time when loading to ensure you do so correctly.

Most importantly, get specialists to come and inspect the crane and, if you need repair parts, buy only from the best.

Keep Your Crane Running

Your overhead crane is an essential piece of equipment, and you want to have it running correctly. Reach out to overhead crane repair experts for parts and maintenance.

Call us now to schedule a crane inspection. 

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