The Benefits of a Mobile Construction Crane vs. Fixed Cranes

The world’s tallest and strongest mobile crane, Liebherr 11200-9.1, can lift to 1,179 tons and reach up to 550 feet. The most beneficial attribute of the crane is that this mobile crane is attached to an 18-wheeler truck, making it easy to move around and readjust.

The most significant benefit of the mobile crane is that you can move it around, and it’s not fixed to one spot when you set it up. So if you need a crane for multiple sites, you can buy or rent one crane and move it around between sites.

Another benefit of the mobile construction crane is that it can be used for heavy lifting and fitting into smaller spots, doing precision lifts and squeezing inside buildings, and can help with moving furniture, pools, and more.

Mobile cranes are more compact, so they can fit into smaller places while still doing the heavy lifting.

Lastly, you will save time and see less cost for mobile cranes. They require less setup because they’re on a full moving truck; they can get to a job quickly and get right to work.

This, in turn, leads to less of a cost because there isn’t a lot that anyone needs to do to set it up.

Fixed Crane

A fixed or tower crane needs to be set up and remain in one spot when lifting on a site. The most significant advantage of the fixed crane is that it is very stable.

You will never have to worry about it moving in the middle of something being lifted, and they remain sturdy. The tower crane lives up to its name and can reach greater heights than some mobile cranes.

Depending on the thing and the mobile crane, they can also lift heavier objects.

It all comes down to what your construction site needs. There are strengths to both types of cranes, and you will want to weigh your options before choosing a crane.

Choose the Right Crane for Your Site

Now that you know the benefits of both the mobile construction crane and the fixed crane, you can evaluate what your site is looking for.

If you need something mobile that can fit tight places and still lift heavy objects, the mobile crane is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a crane that needs to reach great heights, stay in one spot, and lift very large objects, the fixed crane is your best bet.

Start listing what your site needs in a crane or read more about cranes here.

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