When Should You Use a Hammerhead Crane? A Guide

Constructions sites regularly utilize heavy machinery to get tasks done and move objects from one place to another. One of the most widely-used cranes in these operations is a hammerhead crane. 

A hammerhead crane can carry several tons of weight and remains a go-to resource when construction workers are tasked with picking up, storing, and transporting heavy loads. 

What is a Hammerhead Crane?

A hammerhead crane is a heavy-duty lifting system designed to accurately and safely interact with hefty objects. Hammerhead cranes are used on the heaviest loads on any construction site. 

For this reason, hammerhead cranes are immensely popular and used throughout the world. Due to their unique design, these instruments can carry weighty loads, saving construction workers and managers substantial time and money. 

Also, hammerhead cranes can reduce workplace injuries. By handling heavy loads that can be dangerous to people, construction sites can remain in federal safety compliance and keep all involved parties safe.

When Should You Use a Hammerhead Crane?

Using a hammerhead crane isn’t the last resort option. It can be utilized in certain situations, such as:

  • When you need to hold very heavy loads in the air for an extended time
  • When you need to carry heavy loads and place them accurately in a designated location 
  • When you don’t have the proper equipment for carrying heavy loads 

More often than not, when you use a hammerhead crane, you can avoid the difficulty of being inconvenienced by heavy machinery that will take up space. 

Benefits of Using a Hammerhead Crane

If you’re considering purchasing overhead crane parts to start using your hammerhead crane, the good news is that your decision will be worth it. There are several key reasons why using a hammerhead crane will be beneficial in maximizing the productivity of your construction site.

These benefits include:

  • Using a hammerhead crane can save you lots of time in moving heavy machinery.
  • With more productivity, you can boost workplace morale with a hammerhead crane.
  • Using a hammerhead crane means you can complete construction projects must faster.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using a hammerhead crane. If you have this instrument on your construction site, it’s important to perform a crane inspection to ensure the hammerhead crane is in working order.

Otherwise, purchasing overhead crane parts from a trusted provider is your next best step in getting the most from your hammerhead crane. 

Need Hammerhead Crane Parts?

If you want to start using your hammerhead crane but know you need the necessary parts, you’ve come to the right place. Visit our website to browse our selection of crane parts. 

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