The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Couplings

Are you stuck trying to find the right couplings for your project? Looking at the many different types of couplings could cause anyone to become confused, but when your project is on a time limit, you need answers – and fast.

The good news is that knowing your coupling types isn’t as confusing as you might think it is. The even better news is that we’re here to break all of it down for you.

A List of Couplings

Jaw Couplings

Jaw couplings do their job by transmitting torque through compression, with an elastomeric spider placed in between two intermeshing jawlike pieces.

This may sound like a lot of complicated words, but jaw couplings are one of the most common kind out there. It’s excellent for low torque, general purpose use and is made of inexpensive but reliable materials to handle any project.

Beam Couplings

These little guys look like something out of a spaceship movie, and they’ve probably been used in a couple of them.

Beam couplings tend to be more complicated than jaw couplings. They have either one or many helical cuts to accommodate a wide variety of parallel and angular misalignments.

This makes them fantastic for use on motion control applications, and it’s a bonus that they can hold a decent amount of weight as well.

Tire Couplings

Tire couplings are incredible pieces of work. Everything about their size and shape shows that they didn’t come to play games.

Tire couplings have either rubber or polyurethane molded in the shape of a tire (hence the name) in between two hubs. The rubber/polyurethane helps to transmit the needed torque.

Thanks to the design, it not only reduces vibration or shock, but it also has a high misalignment capacity, meaning it can take a wide variety of couplings.

Combine that with its easy assembly and high torque capacity, and you’ll be wanting to use this coupler for almost every project.

Chain Couplings

Chain couplings are all about the power – and boy, do they bring all of it.

These types of couplings can transmit hundreds of horsepower per unit using an array of chain sprockets and roller chains, while still being flexible enough to allow for a pretty good misalignment range.

You won’t be disappointed if you choose these.

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