Ultimate Guide to Industrial Gearbox Maintenance

It’s always a headache when an industrial gearbox fails and you don’t know why. Maybe the gearbox is making an awful noise or isn’t working like normal. Usually, you know something is wrong and it’s going to take some investigative work to figure out.

Proper and regular maintenance can help prevent these headaches. An industrial gearbox is a machine and will wear down just like any other. You can keep it running.

Here is a handy guide to keeping your gearbox healthy for a long time.

Regular Use And Inspection

All industrial gearboxes are designed to be used in a specific way. They will include specific guidelines and use ratings to help you use them correctly. When a gearbox functions outside of these parameters, this can cause issues.

Be sure to use the gearbox as intended and check it regularly. Look for signs of wear and issue. Abnormal noises, overheating, and decreased performance can all indicate an issue needs to be fixed.


Lubrication Maintenance

Proper maintenance should focus on keeping the gearbox in normal running condition. During normal use, a gearbox will damage itself. Overtime, this damage can build up.

A gearbox’s lubrication and oil should be your first stop. Lubrication helps reduce friction on moving parts so gear changes occur smoothly. To do this, special oil or lubrication is required.

Many times, the lubricating liquid will become contaminated with little particles of dust and other matter. In this case, the lubrication should be replaced. Changing the lubrication regularly can help keep everything pure without having to look for containments.


Advanced Maintenance

Regular maintenance will help keep the gearbox functioning by repairing or replacing the parts that see the most use. Parts that frequently wear out first should be taken care of immediately.

Many parts in the gearbox are important for the transmission changes. Parts such as the gears will normally wear out over time through normal use. This can be accelerated if the lubrication isn’t changed regularly.

When an issue like this comes up, it’s best to replace the specific part and any additional parts connected to it. Some repairs require the replacement of a whole assembly.

Contamination control is another area you can frequently repair. The seals, filters, and breathers that keep foreign contaminants out will require replacing over time. If you ignore these parts, the gearbox will be vulnerable to foreign matter which can increase wear on the inside and affect the lubrication.

Most of these individual units can be replaced on an individual basis. Good shops will keep a healthy supply of these parts on hand.

You should also inspect these parts frequently, both on the inside and outside of the box.


Keeping The Industrial Gearbox Healthy

Avoid a headache with some regular maintenance. You should be consistent with your inspections and maintenance. Make it a routine and stick with it.

If you can do this, you should notice a remarkable improvement in the gearbox’s overall performance and lifespan.

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