What Are the Benefits of Mobile Cranes?

Did you know that the demand for mobile cranes has increased by almost 30 percent in the last year? No other type of crane has seen this spike in demand. The main reason for this is that mobile cranes offer a wide variety of benefits to make your job easier.

Is a mobile crane the right option?

Let us look at some of the advantages they can offer.

Mobile Cranes Offer Flexibility

A mobile crane has excellent mobility and flexibility. If you need to use it in urban areas, where you will encounter obstructions, you have to know the crane can maneuver around them.

It can access narrow passages and can save space on a construction site. In addition, mobile cranes do not have a large footprint, so they are ideal for more crowded locations, like projects on city streets.

Unlike tower cranes, where you set them up and remain there for the project’s duration, that is not the case with a mobile crane. Instead, you can use it where you need to and move it to the following location without any trouble.

Quick Setup

Setting up a mobile crane is fast and straightforward. If you can get the crane up and running, you save time and money. For people using mobile crane rentals, this also means having to pay for fewer days since you do not have any delays.

A mobile crane is a single piece of equipment, and it is compact, making it likely that you can start operating it almost as soon as you get it to the site.

Saves Space

With its compact build, a mobile crane does not require a lot of space to function. They can fit through narrow passages and are shorter, making them better suited for passing under bridges. With a mobile crane, you can tackle the same project that a static crane could handle, but you save space.

Lifting Strength

Looking at a compacter crane, you may think it would provide weaker capabilities than a larger crane. That is not the case. A mobile crane uses heavy-duty axles, outriggers, and hydraulic power to lift the weight you need to the heights you require.

Many mobile cranes can lift more weight than a tower crane, and you have the benefit of being able to move it around the job site as needed.

Cost Efficiency

A mobile crane is a more affordable choice. It is easy to set running, with no added setup costs and wasted time. In addition, its speed and mobility allow you to get the most out of the crane if you are renting it since it minimizes downtime.

Keep Your Mobile Crane Running

With mobile cranes in high demand because of all of the benefits they bring to a job site, you want to keep yours running efficiently.

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