What You Need to Know About Industrial Friction Material

What Is Industrial Friction Material?

In any place where two or more machine parts come together during operation, there will be friction. This includes industrial brakes, transmissions, and more.

The demand for friction material is found in many industries, including defense, aviation, and heavy-machinery manufacturing.

Friction material typically consists of fibers woven and bonded together to create an effective substance for minimizing friction. Industrial friction material can be made of many substances, including metals, ceramic, and different alloys. At one time, asbestos was used, but due to safety concerns, it no longer is used.

The make-up might be interesting, but perhaps you’re wondering what it’s used for. The friction material is used to protect industrial parts and extend the life of machinery. For example, industrial friction material would be used in clutch brakes to ensure they don’t suddenly fail during operation. 

Importance of High-Quality Material

Over time, the constant friction between parts will wear down and damage the pieces, sometimes creating a hazardous situation. After all, having a brake failure on an operational crane could end in disaster.

This is where the importance of friction material comes in. In a consumer vehicle, brake pads serve as the friction material. Instead of the brake itself taking the brunt of the friction, the brake pad, takes the damage so that the brake itself remains unharmed.

The same principle applies to industrial equipment. The industrial friction material protects your expensive parts from being damaged, thus ensuring that they work when it matters. 

Benefits of Material

The benefits of friction materials are not limited to ensuring brakes and transmissions work when needed. Minimizing wear and tear on your moving parts extends the life of all of the working parts of your machine. With friction material, you may not have to replace your clutch breaks as frequently, saving your business significant amounts of money. 

By utilizing material with a predictable life span, you can determine when maintenance might be appropriate for your equipment before the machine breaks down or someone gets injured.

Find the Best Material for You

Whether you need heavy-duty machinery for airplanes, construction, or trains, industrial friction material plays a vital role in the safety and maintenance of your equipment. Find the best solution for your friction material needs and keep your equipment in prime working condition.

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