5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Electric Clutch

An Englishman named Herbert Frood first invented the clutch. In Frood’s time, the only clutches that existed could only last a short amount of time before failing due to overheating from friction and wear and tear.

These days, we have clutches that can last a very long time. However, there are still things you can do to ruin your electric clutch. In this article, we’ll be discussing five common mistakes that frequently lead to their early demise.

1. Failure to Read Specs and Instructions

It’s a rote suggestion at this point, but it’s vital that you read the specifications and user instructions of any piece of machinery you buy. This is especially true for electric clutches because they are precision instruments that undergo a lot of stress when being used.

For this reason, manufacturers often include special assembly, installation, or tuning instructions so that you can use their product without any headaches. To avoid any problems, read your electric clutch’s instructions and follow them carefully.

2. Misassembly

This also ties into simply reading the instructions. But it’s also important to be wary of misassembly when you’re repairing or replacing a portion of a clutch as well. One missing bolt or nut could throw the whole device out of whack.

To avoid this, try taking pictures of the intricacies of the clutch as your disassembling it. This way, you can put everything back in the right place when you’ve finished repairing it.

3. Misalignment

As we’ve mentioned, clutches are precision devices, so everything needs to be placed exactly right. If some aspects of your clutch are not aligned, such as the bearings and shafts, your clutch might work less effectively or break down.

There are often specifications for how clutches fit onto motors and gearboxes that, if followed, can nip any misalignment problems in the bud.

4. Poor Storage

If you want to ruin a clutch before you even use it, storing it poorly in unsafe, damaging conditions is the best way to do it. If you’ve got spare clutches that you want to keep in case your current ones fail, make sure to keep them in the manufacturers’ packaging.

This will keep them safe from environmental hazards like moisture for several months. But if you want to hang on to them indefinitely, you should seal them in an airtight container.

5. You Picked the Wrong Size

To preserve your clutches (and the equipment you’re using them with), you’re best off not trying to use clutches that are supposed to have different applications. Many maintenance specialists try to fit a too-small or too-large clutch onto equipment that those clutches weren’t meant for. This is a great way to ruin your clutches immediately.

Need a New Electric Clutch?

If you avoid these common mistakes, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to get a ton of mileage out of your electric clutch.

But, these things do break down, even with optimal care. So if you need new clutches or brakes, check out our products to find a replacement.




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