The Best Hydraulic Disc Brakes for Industrial Applications in 2020

Hydraulic disc brakes have a slew of uses both personal and commercial. 

You might install them to make your mountain bike safer to ride. Or, you might invest in hydraulic disc brakes to power and pause a primary manufacturing setup. 

We want to focus on the industrial side of hydraulic disc braking systems. Perhaps you’re on the lookout for the best brands out there for your commercial installment. We know that different projects will call for different versions of the same great product. 

Here’s who to look out for — and why: 


Stromag makes industrial brakes with the efficiency of their products in mind. And they’ve maintained the high quality of their products — and business — since 1932. 

They have long relied on the most innovative technology available to ensure their products work well and for a long time. This fact applies to industrial braking systems and the many other items that they sell to commercially focused clients. 


Scan-Pac has the ability to either mold or machine-make the items that their clients need. They know that some products will require rigid materials, while others beg for something more flexible. 

As such, the Scan-Pac team will custom-fit the hydraulic disc braking system that will slot into your design. They use all types of materials and methods to give you the perfect set of brakes for your manufacturing task. 


Marland has a simple goal when it comes to their industrial hydraulic disc brakes. It’s the goal that drives the company’s entire mission, which they’ve chased for nearly 90 years. 

They strive to produce products that beat industry standards. That way, you can install their hydraulic disc brakes and make the most of your operational uptime. 

SEW Eurodrive

Not all industrial installations are created equal.

You may want a hydraulic disc brake that works continuously, along with the rest of your machinery. Or, you might want it to have the power and strength to stop significant amounts of motion. Sometimes, precision is the most crucial element instead. 

No matter where your project falls, SEW Eurodrive has you covered. They know that every project is different — and they have the right brake to use for yours. 


Lastly, we have Demag, a company that describes its brake system in three words: reliable, robust, and simple. 

It’s one of the best industrial braking systems out there because it has consistently high performance. And they have a bespoke operating principle, which removes the need for any switching elements or otherwise separate controls.

Instead, you just get to enjoy the high-performance brakes that come with any Demag system.

Choose the Best Hydraulic Disc Brakes For You

Not all projects will require the same type of hydraulic disc brakes. 

The above companies are some of the best that 2020 has to offer you. So, figure out which of our favorite brands makes the model that’s your perfect match. 

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can partner you with the right resource, whether it’s hydraulic brakes or one of our other specialty items.

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