How to Choose the Best Industrial Clutch Brake

Having already contributed over $2.2 trillion to the US economy, manufacturing is one of the most exciting and productive industries in the nation.

If your plant uses heavy machinery, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve your efficiency. Finding the right clutch brake for your equipment is essential to this goal. Here, we’re going to talk about how to select industrial brakes and clutches for your heavy equipment, so read on to maximize your efficiency!

Look at Clutch Brake Types

When selecting clutch brakes to improve the efficiency of your machinery, you have two primary options: disc brakes and drum brakes.

Disc brakes are simply a metal disc that is placed inside of the front wheels on a piece of machinery. When activated, they cause a hard pad to press down on the brake disc. This ultimately slows the machinery down until your equipment ceases moving altogether.

On the other hand, drum brakes are essentially a shoe that you install on a machine’s hollow wheel hub. When the brakes are activated, this shoe pushes into the wheel. The friction produced by this movement slows down the wheel’s rotation.

Disc brakes are the more long-lasting and durable option. They perform better and are quieter than drum brakes. However, they’re also much more expensive.

In many cases, your industrial machines don’t need the perfect brakes —  they just need something that gets the job done. Drum brakes are an affordable alternative that works well for heavy-machinery. They also are dependable, despite not being the most high-tech option.

Choose a Manufacturer

Once you know whether you want disc or drum brakes, it’s time to choose a reputable manufacturer for your brakes. This likely sounds like a daunting task- after all, there are so many industrial manufacturers out there!

Kor-Pak partners with the most reliable and high-quality industrial manufacturers out there to bring you the best machinery on the market. If you look here, you can see and assess the many manufacturers that we, as an authorized distributor, represent. 

This makes the process of selecting a provider much easier by narrowing down your options for you. It also ensures that you will be as satisfied as possible with the clutch brakes that you choose.

Consider Accessories

You also will want to consider the brake and clutch accessories that look the most useful to you. Options include:

These are just some of the accessories that you can choose from. Make sure that you choose a clutch brake that is compatible with the add-ons that you want.

Get an Industrial Clutch Brake Today

Many aspects go into choosing industrial brakes and clutches, and the decision ultimately will come down to your business’s values and needs.

Contact us to discuss your plant’s individual needs and get a quote on how much your new equipment will cost you. We’re committed to matching you with the ideal manufacturer and specific product that you need to maximize production and remain efficient.

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