2020’s Leading Manufacturers of Industrial Brakes and Clutches

The global brakes and clutch manufacturing industry grows annually by about 2.5%, and within the next five years, it’s projected to hit $742.7 million. This makes sense- after all, industrial plants like yours need the most updated and efficient equipment to ensure both safety and production.

But who makes the best equipment on the market. Read on to learn about some of the best makers of industrial brakes, clutches, and other heavy machinery!

Antec Drum Brakes

Antec is a manufacturer of power release drum brakes that are also spring-applied. Because they have an optional scale for torque control, the brake torque is simple to adjust. This means that it has a greater variety of applications than it otherwise would, which makes it a versatile investment.

Additionally, all Antec brakes use a TURBEL- a three-phase AC electro-hydraulic thruster- for brake release.

These drum brakes are perfect for use with industrial cranes, but they also work in steel mills and material handling. If you want to ensure that conveyor belts or winches operate appropriately, Antec is also the company for you. 

Marland Clutch

Marland is primarily a clutch manufacturer specializing in sprag clutches, HBG clutches, and one-way CEBMAG backstops. Priding themselves on creating innovative clutch designs since 1931, Marland has over 100 different models of clutches and can accommodate machine shaft sizes of up to 600 millimeters.

Whether you want a high-speed clutch with dual-drive applications or cylindrical rollers in a cage that forces them to move simultaneously, Marland has you covered. 

Johnson Industries

Johnson Brakes is a manufacturer that Kor-Pak has worked with for more than 20 years. As a result, you can trust that they’re one of the highest-quality trustworthy manufacturers on the market.

This company makes a vast multitude of products, including pneumatic, hydraulic, spring-set, or manual disc brakes to engage conveyor belts and rotating manufacturer equipment. Additionally, they offer drum brakes to help your cranes and hoists to work as effectively as possible. Storm brake systems are also an option for rail and industrial wheel clamps.

Johnson offers every type of disc and drum brake under the sun! Assess your needs to ensure that you select not only the appropriate brake type but also a size that works for you.

Get Brakes and Clutch Equipment Today

There are many manufacturers of brakes and clutches on the market. So ordering through Kor-Pak is a must no matter which creator you choose. Our professionals look at and assess your equipment to determine the precise items that you need custom-made.

Now that you know the leading brakes and clutch manufacturers on the market today, it’s time to get started. Request a quote for the industrial equipment that you need for your manufacturing plant. Our experts will answer any lingering questions that you may have and ensure that you have the brakes, clutches, and other machinery necessary for your plant’s productivity.

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