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Why Should My Crane Wheels Be Flame Hardened?

Thinking about how to extend the life of your equipment?

Flame hardened crane wheels can offer many advantages. The extra effort and investment of using flame hardened wheels are likely to pay off for you and your company in the long run.

Today, we’re taking a look at just why this decision is the one to make.

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What is Flame Hardening?

Flame hardening treats the surface of a component through the direct application of a flame. The flame is usually generated by fuel gas like acetylene and oxygen.

When the application of fire hardens the surface sufficiently, it is then cooled with oil or water.

There are two kinds of flame hardening processes: spinning and tooth-at-a-time processes.

Spinning is recommended for the high-volume production level. It provides consistent results because it is the same cycle for the entire gear. Tooth-at-a-time offers more strength along with durability. This process is best for very large gears.

Tooth-at-a-time offers more strength along with durability. This process is best for very large gears.

Increased Protection Against Wear and Tear

The most important advantage to flame hardening for crane wheels is that it creates a hard outside surface. This process leaves a core which is better able to absorb shock, with less distortion. It also results in more durability and bending strength.

Wear and tear usually occurs at the points of consistent physical contact, such as the outer rim of the wheel. The intersection of gears and wheel sprockets usually receives the harshest impact, so this is the area is best suited for flame hardening.

The focus of the flame concentrates the effects on the point of contact, leaving the rest of the wheel workable.

Flame hardening protects wheels from ongoing abrasions and impact, extending the life of the wheels and ensuring safety.

It’s Cheaper to Modernize

Adding modernized elements to your fleet such as flame hardened wheels will actually save you money in the long run.

The investment you make now in your equipment makes you more competitive, functional and safe in the marketplace.

Using crane wheels that have been flame hardened will extend the life of your equipment. It will also result in lower maintenance and replacement costs. Your company will experience less downtime, waiting for old equipment to get fixed.

These improvements will increase your productivity and shorten your production schedules, making you more appealing to customers. It shows your customers that you are forward-thinking and up on the latest developments.

Investing now in these kinds of upgrades will help grow your business in the future.

Improving the Safety of Crane Wheels

Because of the potential for catastrophic consequences, crane safety needs to be your top priority.

Cranes are large, complex machines that often operate in crowded locations. It is imperative for the safety of your employees and the people in the community where you are working that all of your equipment is in optimal working order.

Worn out gears and wheels can result in serious damage or injuries, exposing you to liability under OSHA and other regulations.

Flame hardening makes good business sense as a cost effective way to protect your staff and work space.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment and Business

Industrial businesses face increasing pressure to keep costs low and production high to maintain profits.

Flame hardening your crane wheels addresses both of those concerns by keeping repair and downtime costs down, and production efficiency high.  It can also play an integral role in protecting your assets, including machinery, parts, and employees.

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