Critical Performance Level: What Makes an Industrial Fan?

Choosing the wrong industrial fan can be a disaster for both your finances and your sanity!

There are many details you need to check and double check. Ensure high quality before you run off to check on large industrial fans for sale.

But, don’t worry! We have you covered. Below, we have some tips and tricks to finding the best industrial fan.

Finding the Right Materials for Your Industrial Fans

Getting the right material for your fan seems obvious. Materials have a wide variety, and each can have a list of positives and negatives.

Research into what environment and job you will need your fan for.

Major things to look for when avoiding problems for your fans? Certain chemicals, temperatures, and other environmental concerns are at the top of the list.

For example, did you know that chlorine gas can dissolve aluminum?

The expense can also be a substantial consideration. Expensive doesn’t always mean good. Quality carbon steel can be quite cheap, but may not be the best fit for your needs.

Be wary of “coated steel.” This is a marketing trick to make it sound like the coating protects against anything. It often uses epoxy or paint to coat the metal.

The problem here is that your protection only lasts as long as the paint does!

Know Your Type

Before rushing into buying anything, you need to consider not just the what but the why and how. Do you need some sizeable industrial shop fans? Or will the more simple industrial fan blowers suffice?

Size is important for industrial fans. Too big, and they might not fit where you need them, too small, and they won’t do the job you need them to.

Plenty of small details get lost in the shuffle. Propellers, often known as props, should be a single piece cast, or at the very least welded together.

This keeps your fan altogether running longer and breaking down less. Wheels and bearings also get overlooked all too often. Don’t get different materials for the little pieces.

While it may be obvious, a fiberglass fan does not want metal bearings.

Motors to Keep You Going

Motors should always be the most reliable part of your fan. If that goes, you have nothing.

Easy to maintain can mark the design of a good motor. Easy to re-lubricateĀ bearings that are tight tolerance shafting are significant signs of quality.

Easy to access maintenance services are a key to a long lifespan of any equipment.

Sound levels of your motors are also critical. A loud motor can cause all sorts of problems, especially in environments already overloaded with sounds. Be careful; many competitors will try to do minimal testing for sound and function. Make sure what you buy has been thoroughly tested.

Whatever You Need

Whatever industrial fans may suit your needs, we can answer all your questions and get you fitted with the product you need.

We pride ourselves at our resourcefulness and knowledgeability. Contact us today, and we’ll get you sorted!

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