Industrial Equipment Service & Maintenance Guide

Heavy machinery is expensive to buy, specialized to use, and costly to fix when broken. It’s the most significant investment your company makes.

As a member of an industrial team, you understand how vital equipment is to keep the team running. Equipment breakdowns cause the whole process to grind to a halt.

But there are things you can do to keep your heavy industrial equipment in prime condition. Regular maintenance and proper care may add years of useful life to your equipment.

Check out our industrial equipment service and maintenance guide below.

1. Cleanliness Is King

Creating a clean environment for your machinery improves the lifespan of the machine. And it’s good for your workers too. Employees work better in clean work environments.  

Filters and seals keep sensitive parts and electronics free from debris. Make sure you check and clean them every day.

Keep your machinery cabins clean. Dirty breathing filters inside the cabin put your employees at risk. Educate employees that cleanliness is king when it comes to keeping equipment safe.

2. Stay on a Schedule

Set up a regular maintenance schedule that includes daily cleaning checks.

Check oil and lubricants often to ensure they aren’t running low or running dirty. Tighten bolts on a regular basis as they tend to slip over time. Any area of the machine that involves a lot of friction needs a thorough inspection on a daily basis.

Keep a good log of your checks. Include the date, all tests made, and record what was fixed or replaced. This log comes in handy if you ever have any big breakdowns.

3. Heed the Manufacturer’s Suggestions

When you’re making out your maintenance schedule, consult with your manufacturer for timelines.

Standard equipment should come with a manual. For specialized equipment, call or email the rep at the manufacturer. They will give you a timeframe to replace parts. And how often to check lubricants, seals, and filters.

Don’t push it to the end. Keep your routine maintenance schedule up to date and stay on top of issues before they worsen.

4. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

A critical part of preventative maintenance is the eyes and ears test. How does your machinery look? Does it sound okay?

Every machinery inspection should begin with a visual once-over of major systems. If you’re familiar with your equipment, you’ll spot wear and tear right away. If you hear strange sounds like brakes squealing, you know there’s a problem.

Don’t wait until scheduled maintenance if something doesn’t look or sound right. Report the problem and get it fixed right away.

5. Use and Store It Properly

Never use equipment for anything other than what it was made to do. Again, consult your manufacturer if you have questions. Improper use of equipment will most certainly shorten the lifespan of your industrial machines.

At the end of the day, store your machinery in a safe place. Avoid rust and deterioration from the elements by storing inside. If your machines are sensitive to heat and cold, store them in a temperature-controlled environment.

Maintain Industrial Equipment for a Longer Life

A little maintenance goes a long way with industrial equipment.

Make your employees aware of the importance of clean machinery. Create a routine maintenance schedule and stick to it. Consult your manufacturer to determine how often parts and fluids need replacement.

Not only do you need a schedule, but you need to keep your eyes and ears open for signs of wear and tear. Fix things before they get out of hand for better results. And always use your equipment correctly and store it in a safe place when not in use.

Follow these tips and your industrial equipment will give you years of excellent performance. If you’re in need of machinery repair or service, check out our services page to learn about all that we do at Kor-Pak.

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