Everything You Should Know About Your Marland Clutch Kit

Before you start working with any clutch-type, you should understand how it works and what maintenance it will require.

This best practice goes for every piece of industrial equipment, and clutches are no different. By learning everything you can about a clutch coupling ahead of time, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of the product.

That said, how can you start your journey to learning all the details on Marland CEF clutch coupling and other types of Marland clutches? You won’t have to look any further.

Here, you can study up on everything you need to know about your Marland clutch kit.

What Types of Products Does Marland Offer?

Marland Clutch manufactures a variety of backstopping and overrunning clutches. The catalog comes down to two different types: roller products and sprag products.

Roller products consist of cylindrical rollers on inclined cam planes. You’ll need these for low-speed applications, like at the head of a conveyor’s shaft drive. You can use the clutch couplings within this category with a double engagement gear coupling.

Other clutches within this kit include CEBMAG clutches, backstops, CECON clutches, and HB clutches.

Sprag products prove more effective for high-speed applications. Within the sprag category, you can choose between the CSK Series and the RSCI Series, as well as RMS, RMT, and RMI clutches. The CSK Series removes a ball bearing requirement, allowing for more accuracy while using less space.

The RSCI Series works best for overrunning. The RMS, RMT, and RMI clutches can be mounted on shafts and include seals and ball bearings.

What Are the Advantages of Marland CEF Clutch Coupling?

With so many different makes and models available, from a Marland Clutch burr to a Marland CEF clutch coupling 62003, where can you start comparing? To begin, let’s take a look at roller clutch couplings.

The automatic-freewheel clutches have a long lifecycle due to the roller design. This means you won’t have to worry about any parts coming loose. You may need to stop the clutch coupling on occasion to check the oil.

It’s low on the maintenance side of things, as long as you check the oil lube on a consistent schedule. It works best for non-stop operations that need automatic and instantaneous action.

Sprag products provide the flexibility to be used or combined with other products to improve efficiency. They help lower maintenance costs and increase wear resistance overall. Again, if you have a high-speed application, you should take a look at sprag models.

Regardless of make and model, Marland Clutch products aim to protect your equipment and prevent injuries. The advantages don’t end there, though, as you can also leverage them to avoid downtime.

Get Your Maintenance and Supplies From an Authorized Dealer

This short guide to understanding the Marland clutch catalog will help you make informed decisions. Now, you can feel more confident about your buying decisions. You can also apply these industrial brakes to get the most out of them.

At Kor-Pak, an authorized dealer, you can find a range of Marland products to suit your every need. Our experienced team can also provide inspections and repair services, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a trusted partner.


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