Stromag Strong: 5 Things To Know About Stromag Brake Pad Products

Machine parts can eventually break down, leaving their replacement of the utmost importance and a huge priority for productivity to continue. What if that single part was helping power an entire factory or a key cog in a machine that’s critical to a whole town’s ecosystem?

Brake pads, crucial to nearly any applicable machine, are often essential for safety and efficiency. 

Here are five things you should know about the Stromag strong brand and its excellent brake pad products.

1. Stromag Offers a Top-Notch Range of Brake Pad Selections

With a wide variance of products, Stromag is sure to have the correct brake pad for you. Whether it is industrial brakes like service or hydraulic power packs, or simply buffers or discs, Stromag is sure to have the selection needed for brake pad replacement.

Check out the incredible range of products they have to offer.

2. Unmatched Quality Across All Products

As opposed to competitors, Stromag products are guaranteed to last longer and perform to a higher standard. Stromag often offers little-to-no maintenance required after assembly for certain products.

Also, brake pads are promised to include industry-leading braking torque technologies.

A recent review of key players in the clutches and brakes market saw Stromag and Altra rated superior to competitive brands.

3. A Reliable Company History You Can Trust

Originating in the early 1930s as an electric rail supplier, Stromag has always been at the forefront of critical aspects of business machinery. With the rapid growth in employees during the 1960s and 1970s, Stromag aggressively expanded abroad and within the U.S.

Continuing as a hallmark brand into the twenty-first century, Stromag consistently remained as a leader in brake pad innovation while also being eco-friendly.

4. Stromag is Forward-Thinking Towards Brake Pad Products

There is no doubt that Stromag has consistently pushed towards the future for brake pad products. Consistently ahead of the game in product advancement or energy conservation, the Stromag brand is globally-recognized as a world leader in brake pad selections.

Here’s a recap of very recent Stromag breakthroughs in the ship and vessel industry.

5. Whatever the Market, Stromag has the Answer

The Stromag strong brand has always been crucial to a huge variety of brake pad applications. Some of the markets that fall under Stromag’s expertise include farm and agriculture, oil and gas, or clutches and brakes for the metal industry.

They’ve even been a leader with the wind turbine generators, offering top-notch disc brakes and limit switches.

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Simply put, the quality and selection of Stromag are unmatched globally. A leading authority in brake pad solutions, Stromag is guaranteed to satisfy and feature products that last longer and avoid further complications in the future.

What are you waiting for? For all your brake pad needs, contact Stromag today!


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