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Your Guide to the Industrial Disc Brake Caliper

Without the invention of the industrial disc brake caliper, many industries just wouldn’t be what they are today.

Industrial disc brakes are essential to the operation of a number of industrial applications.

Their function governs the operation of many sectors, including the agricultural, mining, energy, oil and marine, and manufacturing industries.

Industrial disc brakes are manufactured in many forms, each suited to their own application and industry.

To learn more about the various industrial disc brake calipers on the market today, this blog highlights it all.

Industrial Disc Brake Caliper Applications

No matter the industry or application, all caliper disc brakes work to achieve the same end goal: to slow, hold, or stop fast moving or heavy loads.

Some caliper disc brakes are designed to achieve this very quickly, while others work in slower motion.

Caliper disc brakes offer the ultimate safety solution and are designed to withstand extreme tension associated with dynamic braking.

Industrial disc calipers are capable of withstanding the most aggressive of conditions, extreme temperatures, locations, and volatile environments.

Some of the most common industrial applications for caliper disc brakes include:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Energy production
  • Entertainment
  • Shipping and transportation

As we mentioned, there are various different types of industrial disc brakes, some of the most commonly used include:

Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper

Mechanical disc brake calipers work at the most simple level of the braking system. They are generally operated by a lever, and require no external power source.

Mechanical brakes are most commonly found in common vehicles, such as your car, operated by a handbrake.

They are best-suited as a safe stopping mechanism within most industries.

Pneumatic Disc Brake Caliper

These caliper disc brakes are powered by compressed air, making it a highly popular braking system across many industries.

The source of power is readily available due to the fact that many industries make use of pneumatic compressors throughout their business.

This braking system is used to slow or bring rotating parts to a complete stop, operating at 70-120 PSI.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

The hydraulic disc braking system is powered by compressed fluid, known as hydraulic oil across many industries.

Hydraulic brakes operate under immense pressure and are best-suited to holding, stopping or tensioning extremely heavy or fast-moving machinery.

This is also known as high torque braking, and is most commonly used in the mining, oil and gas industries.

Spring Applied Disc Brake Caliper

Unlike a hydraulic braking system which uses direct pressure, this system uses a spring to apply direct pressure onto a moving part.

This system is also known as a ”fail-safe” braking and is highly common in industrial settings.

Stopping, slowing and braking is maintained by the braking system, until the spring is released and parts begin moving once again.

Dual Function Disc Brake Caliper

This dual function braking system combines both mechanical and hydraulic braking force onto a moving or rotating object.

Essentially, this system offers double the amount of braking torque.

However, some pieces of equipment will include separate bores for either the mechanical brake system or hydraulic brake system.

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