Why Your Industrial Casters Need the Right Industrial Brakes

Why do you need the right industrial brakes for your casters?

It’s necessary to evaluate the different variables to figure out the proper brake selection. It is not as easy as just picking out a brake at whim, as brakes have different functions and forms.

At Kor-Pak, we have the heavy industry parts and service for brakes. We also offer service and maintenance of equipment.

To help you make an informed decision, however, here is a quick guide on industrial brakes and how to pair industrial casters to the right brakes.

Braking Options

Before delving into industrial brakes and casters, you should understand the mechanism behind braking.

Braking is caused by locking mechanisms built into industrial casters. There are a variety of braking options for industrial casters.

The most common brake locks the wheel to stop its rotation, which is perfect for uneven surfaces.

Total lock brakes lock the swivel capacity of the caster and its wheel movement, resulting in a completely stopped device.

Partial brakes turn casters into rigid casters for linear movement only.

How Brakes can Help Your Industrial Caster

Brakes can be very important so when choosing industrial casters, you should also consider the brakes that match.

The benefits to having brakes on your industrial caster include:

Holding Force

When heavier load capacities are involved, you want to know that your device will not run away because there was nothing holding the wheel in place. Brakes are engineered

Brakes are engineered to provide holding force against extreme loads and prevent any movement.

Heavier Load Capacities

When working with industrial casters, you want the ability to move heavier loads.

Brakes can work with heavy loads and provide an expanded holding force, which ensures efficiency and safety during use.

Reduction of Operator Strain

Brakes prevent operators from having to use their entire body to stop or turn a loaded device.

Brakes make tasks even easier by using a foot pedal on either side of the caster, preventing you from constantly having to bend over and keeping you safe.

Best Industrial Brake and Caster Pairs

After understanding how braking works and why they are important, you can move on to deciding what type of caster and brake pair is right for you.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what brake is the best, you must consider the type of caster you’re using and where the casters are being used. Some questions that you should also ponder include:

  • Do you need to stop the casters from moving?
  • Do you need your items to be easier to control?
  • Do you want complete control over your caster-mounted item?

Which Industrial Brakes Are Best For You?

If you’re still having problems deciding on the best industrial brake system after this quick guide on industrial casters and brakes, have no fear.

It can take a lot of time to make an informed decision about your investment, which can save you time and money in the future. We carry the major brands like Stromag, Sumitomo, Marland, SEW Eurodrive for you to choose from.

We have the brake, clutch, and friction expertise to help you figure out what brake is best for you. By working with application engineers and technical salesperson, you will be able to narrow down your choices and make a decision.

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