Making the Switch to Green: Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

In a world that’s quickly running out of natural resources, it’s only logical that we start looking at other options. Many green movements exist to limit pollution, save energy, and most importantly, find ways of creating renewable green energy. 

However, there’s much debate between green energy movements. Some even suggest they’re a bad idea. 

For example, there are both pros and cons of wind energy. Let’s take a look and them, and you can decide where you stand.

Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

The pros and cons of wind energy vary greatly depending on who you ask. We’re going to give you a non-biased look at both sides of the debate.


Wind turbines are the definition of “green energy.” The wind is a free and non-depleting natural resource. Therefore, no matter how much energy we get from wind turbines, there’s always more right around the corner.

Wind turbines, unlike solar panels, can also run day and night. They also aren’t affected by cloudy and rainy days.

Wind turbines don’t use much land, nor do they use any fuel.

For landowners who decide to put turbines on their property, there are several advantages. First, there are significant tax benefits for those who allow wind turbines to be placed on their land. 

Additionally, wind turbines don’t take up much space. This allows ranchers and framers who opt to have them on their property the freedom to continue growing crops, raising livestock, etc.

Wind turbines produce carbon-free energy. Aside from the processes of being created and installed, wind turbines are entirely green. It takes roughly nine months of operation for the energy cost and generation to break even. Then, it’s all green energy.

Finally, wind turbines are incredibly efficient. Once installed, the average wind turbine created six million kilowatts in a year. For reference, that’s enough free energy to run, 1,500 typical households.


The pros and cons of wind energy wouldn’t be complete with the latter. There are understandable reasons why some people think wind energy isn’t worth it.

First, some don’t appreciate the appearance of wind turbines. While it may seem like a silly reason not to put forward the effort to save energy, it’s very important to some.

Additionally, some wind turbines are noisy and can cause vibration. Modern turbines are less noisy than those of the past, but for some people, it’s a deal-breaker.

In some places, wind turbines may also affect wildlife, primarily birds and bats. Continued research and monitoring systems are needed for each wind facility to determine the potential impact and ways to deal with it.

Finally, wind turbines operate off of the wind. If there’s no wind, there’s no power being generated. However, this is why most wind turbines are installed in notoriously and consistently windy locations.

Wind Options

Now that you know the pros and cons of wind energy, you can form your own opinion on wind turbines. 

For those who are on board or already operating wind turbines, consider us a solid resource for parts and pieces.

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