Crane Wheels 101: Guide on How to Pick The Best

When you have any crane in operation, you need to make sure that all parts are operating at their full capacity.

That includes the crane wheels. If your crane wheels show signs of flange wear or breakage, they need to be replaced. How can you tell what crane wheels are the best to buy?

Read on to find out.

1. Manufacturing Specs

The first place to start is with your crane’s manufacturer. They will have specs available as to what you need to replace the wheels. For example, Demag Cranes have a wheel range for their cranes.

Buying crane wheels outside of the specs could result in damage to the crane, or worse, accidents or injuries.

2. Operating Conditions

Your crane wheels not only need to meet the specs of the manufacturer, but they also need to meet the load and operating conditions of your business.

You want to make sure that the crane wheels will be able to withstand the load. If the wheels are overloaded, you’ll have to replace them much faster.

3. Order Fulfillment

For many crane wheel orders, there are unique customizations. There are also instances where you need crane wheel replacements in a hurry.

You want to make sure that the order can be fulfilled quickly. We have a large inventory and can handle these circumstances.

Prevent Crane Wheel Damage

When you do order and replace your crane wheels, you want to make sure that you maintain them and use them properly to extend the life of the wheels and minimize damage to your crane. 

Much like you’d rotate or replace the wheels of your car in pairs, the same principle applies to crane wheels. When you replace your crane wheels, you should replace them in pairs. That’s the case even if only one wheel has damage and needs to be replaced.

That can be due to a misaligned crane wheel or load imbalance Replacing two wheels at the same time will ensure that the crane wheels will be aligned properly. That will extend the life of the wheels and minimize other damage to your crane.

If you’re replacing your crane wheels due to cracked wheel flanges, it could be a sign of a misalignment issue. You want to make sure that your crane is inspected as you replace the crane wheels. This will prevent you from having to replace the wheels a short time later.

How to Pick the Best Crane Wheels

Your business largely depends on cranes operating at full capacity. Every part has to be in top shape to withstand the loads and working conditions.

When your crane wheels need to be replaced, it’s important to remember that your wheels should be following your manufacturer specs and be able to withstand the loads and conditions that you’ll put them under.

Are you ready to order crane wheels? Start by contacting us today to find out more about crane wheels.



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