Necessary Brakes for a Movable Bridge

In 2021, the industrial brakes market attained a value of $1.234 billion worldwide. According to market research, this industry will reach $1.816 billion by 2028.

This translates to a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% over the forecast period.

Movable bridge operations need high-quality and robust braking systems. Your brakes for movable structures should give excellent performance in extreme temperatures and high friction environments.

There are a variety of braking systems in the market for all types of movable bridges. 

Three Phase AC Magnetic Drum Brakes

These industrial brakes are spring applied and electrically released. You’ll need to select the right brake size to give you the required braking torque.

Your braking size should also be able to control overheating during the braking operations. These braking systems also have an intermittent rating of up to 120 operations every hour.

Thruster Drum Brakes

These are spring-applied, fail-safe brakes. The thruster comprises a 3-phase electro-hydraulic with a motor and hydraulic fluid.

After you remove power, the friction lining of the brake show will apply to the rotating drum. The process generates friction that eventually stops the motion of the rotating wheel.

Thruster drum brakes are efficient and economical. Besides, these brakes can accommodate high temperatures when using silicone fluid and high-temperature kits.

EBH Braking System

This is a powerful drum brake with an automatic wear adjustment. EBH brakes for movable structures also have braking torques ranging from 140 to 3500Nm.

Usually, you’ll find the EBH industrial brakes in trolleys, conveyor belts, and slewing gears.

SB 23.3 Industrial Brakes

These braking systems fall under the SB series and stand out for two reasons – fast closing times and variability. In addition, the SB 23.3 industrial brakes are highly versatile and provide user-friendly handling.

Due to the ease of application, you’ll find these brakes for movable structures in various industries.

SKP 95 SA Fail Safe Brakes

These braking systems fall under the SKP series with a single-acting (SA) brake. The system generates the braking force in one-half of the brake.

The other half then slides towards the first half with the help of a forceful, low friction system. The process enables the braking system to self-align.

So, these braking systems are suitable for small spaces and applications with axial movement.

Movable Bridge Brakes

Regular maintenance will ensure that your braking system provides extended service. It’s also essential to have your hydraulic oil cleaned often.

Further, check oil levels and replace the oil filters regularly. This measure helps you avoid unwanted repair expenses and downtime.

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