Industrial Brakes & Clutches

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  • Johnson CL series thruster brakes

    CL Series Johnson Thruster Disc Brake

  • Crane Brakes

    Kor-Pak is a Crane Brakes specialist and supplies all of your Crane Brake needs including design, selection, repair, service, engineering, OEM, Aftermarket, and Retrofit.

  • Emergency Crane Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

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    Cutler Hammer 511H1196-41 Type S-7 Brake

    511H1196-41, Type S-7 Brake, 110 Lb Ft Torque, Intermittent Duty, 480V 60HZ

  • Eaton Cutler Hammer, Cutler Hammer Crane Controls, Cutler Hammer Brakes

    Cutler Hammer Crane Controls

    Kor-Pak is a suppler for OEM, Aftermarket, and Surplus/Remanufactured Cutler Hammer Crane Controls.

  • Cutler Hammer GH505 Crane Brakes

    Cutler Hammer GH505 Schematic

    Cutler Hammer GH505 Schematic

    Cutler Hammer GH505 Crane Brakes are spring-set and magnetically released (fail safe) and have been successfully used in various applications for several decades and are especially popular in Electrical Overhead Crane applications for both hoist and bridge/trolley motions.

    Cutler Hammer Brake Rebuild

    Kor-Pak Rebuilt GH505 Brake with signature aluminum brake shoes

    Kor-Pak Rebuilt GH505 Brake with signature aluminum brake shoes

    Cutler Hammer Brake Before Kor-Pak Recondition

    Cutler Hammer Brake Before Kor-Pak Recondition


    Benefits of Cutler Hammer GH505 Shoe Brakes

    Cutler Hammer brakes are especially ideal since they have fewer moving parts than other DC Magnet brakes.  This allows for fewer maintenance costs and an economical choice for reconditioning.  Furthermore, it can fit well in tight spaces which can be ideal for certain applications.  Cutler Hammer brakes can be used on both AC and DC cranes (need resistor for AC cranes).  Gh505 brakes are offered with either shunt or series wound coils, and Kor-Pak offers both surplus and aftermarket options as well which can be more economical without compromising quality and performance.

    Kor-Pak has several GH505 DC brake assemblies and spare parts in stock; please peruse our website to see what we have in stock, and contact a Kor-Pak representative today with any questions.

    Cutler Hammer Brakes Publication

    Cutler Hammer Shunt Coil Info

    8″ Cutler Hammer GH505 Bulletin

    23″ Cutler Hammer GH505 Bulletin

    Kor-Pak DC Crane Controls Catalog

  • CX Magnetic Emergency Stop Caliper Disc Brakes

    Why Emergency Disc Brakes?

    Purpose: the purpose of Emergency Braking System is an abortion of load movement (i.e. ladle with molten metal) during lowering after a failure or interruption of kinematic chain between a respective drive

    Lifting in hoist applications is carried out by electric motors through the clutches and gearboxes to winding drum.  These motors are decelerated by the brakes but the clutches and gearboxes have no brakes installed.  After clutch or gearbox failure a lifting drum can get loose and free fall will occur.  It is necessary to install emergency braking system to preclude a free fall from occurring and avoiding a catastrophic failure.

    How it Works:

    Operation of Emergency Braking system is based on the principle of continuous monitoring of instantaneous revolutions of winding drum and other major components.  It provides an early recognition of hazardous conditions of monitored monitored components and subsequent prevention of emergency situation occurrence by engagement of Emergency braking system brakes.  Ultimately, a load suspended on lifting cables is stopped.

    e brakes

    Contact a Kor-Pak representative today to assist you with your Emergency Braking System needs.  Kor-Pak possesses the experience, knowledge assets, and resources to furnish you with a robust system that will ensure optimal safety for your hoist application.



  • Dellner Brakes

    Kor-Pak Supplies Dellner Brakes

    Dellner Brakes are successfully used for multiple industries and applications including Oil/Gas (Top Drives and Service Rigs), Logging (Service and Parking Brakes), Mining/Metals (Primary and Secondary service and parking brakes), and many others.  Dellner Brakes can be spring-applied or spring-released with hydraulic, air, and magnetic actuation.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information

  • DESCH Switchable Clutches

    DESCH Switchable Clutches

  • Direct Acting Caliper Brakes

    Direct Acting Spring Disc Brakes

    Direct Acting Caliper Disc Brakes