Industrial Brakes & Clutches

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  • HUAWU Brakes

    HUAWU Brakes

  • Crane Wheel Clamp

    Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

    Kor-Pak Provides High-Quality and Robust Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Released Wheel Brakes for Ship-to-Shore, Rail Mounted Gantry, and other cranes commonly used in Port Terminal and other applications.

    For Technical Specifications, please browse Kor-Pak Wheel Brake Brochure

  • JC50D Drawworks Caliper Disc Brakes

    Kor-Pak provides high-quality spring-set, hydraulic released caliper disc brakes for emergency duty, as well as hydraulic applied, spring-released Service brakes to be used with JC50D 1500HP mechanical drawworks and other similar JCdrawworks 1 drawworks.  Our brakes can provide superior performance and less maintenance.  Lubrication points are easily accessible, all components are made with high-quality materials, brake pads have longer wear life and spare parts are readily available.  Kor-Pak can also provide Hydraulic Power Units and Controls for your drawworks disc brakes and provide commissioning to insure you receive the training and support you need.

    Kor-Pak can perform design and engineering services for you braking application as well as providing spare parts and service.  For more information, please contact a Kor-Pak representative today to assist you with your Drawworks braking systems needs and help you achieve greater efficiency and less downtime.

    Nominal drill depth m114mm drill pipe2500-40003500-50004500-70006000-9000
    127mm drill pipe2000-32002800-45004000-60005000-8000
    Power rating735 (1000 )1100 (1500 )1470 (2000 )2210 (3000 )
    kW (hp)
    Qty. of motor x power rating2 ×438(537)/2 ×800(1072)2 ×800(1072)3 ×800(1072)
    kW (hp)1 ×800(1072)
    Motor rated speed r/min880/970970970970
    Drill line dia. mm(in)32 (1 1/4  )35 (1 3/8 )38 (1 1/2  )45 (1 3/4  )
    Max. fastline pull kN275340485630
    Drum size (Dia. x width) mm(in)640×1139685×1138770×1361914×1556
    (25 1/4 ×44 7/8 )(27 ×44 7/8 )(30 ×53 1/2)(36 ×61 1/4)
    Brake disc size (Dia. x width) mm(in)1500×401600×761600×761600×76
    (59 ×1 1/2 )(63 ×3 )(63 ×3)(63 ×3 )
    Sand drum size (Dia. x width) mm(in)356×1245356×1245356×1245356×1448
    (14 ×49 )(14×49 )(14 ×49 )(14 ×57 )
    Sand drum capacity (14.5 drill line) m(ft)4000 (13120 )5000 (16400 )6400 (21000 )7500 (24600 )
    Auxiliary brakeDS40DS50DS70DS90
    Dimension (L x W x H) mm6600×3716×29906800×4537×29987670×4585×31977874×5486×2997
    Weight kg40000480006100070000
  • Johnson 19″ SMLB Thruster Drum Brake


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    Johnson CX40 Magnetic Disc Brake Spare Parts


  • Johnson Industries Brakes

  • Johnson Industries CX Emergency Stop Duty Magnetic Disc Brake

  • Johnson Industries DS1050-10 Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake

    Johnson Industries DS1050-10 Spring-set, hydraulic pressure released disc brake, 455kN applied force, Pressure 138 bar

    *Self contained removable actuators, stroke wear adjustment, spring caging feature, actuator manual release, floating assemblies with low friction float bearings

    Additional Products: Hydraulic Power Unit pre-wired to Nema 4 enclosure, disc which can be plain or hubbed and made to various diameters

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    Johnson Industries RB Series Rail Brake

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    Johnson Industries SMLBW18-EJ121/06 Thruster Drum Brake Assembly