SIBRE TEXU Twin Caliper Disc Brake

More information can be found in this SIBRE data sheet



SIBRE Twin Caliper Disc Brake: Service or emergency stop brakes for heavy duty operation and coasting (e.g. hoist brakes in container cranes or for large belt conveyor systems, bucket wheel excavators, stackers, reclaimers). The brakes of the TEXU series are double operating disc brakes which work according to the precept of a conventially drum brake. The braking force will be transmitted to the brake disc on two symmetrically points.


These brakes are spring-set, electro-hydraulic released (fail safe) brakes and can be used in a variety of applications (steel, mining, oil, container cranes, etc) and can offer varying torque values.  Contact a Kor-Pak Representative for more information about SIBRE TEXU Twin Caliper Disc Brakes.