What’s New in the SEW Eurodrive Catalog for 2019?

Working in heavy equipment industry means working with some of the most powerful equipment in the world. Every day, heavy industry workers use complex machinery and equipment that can transport, lift, and cut through thousands of tons of material.

Working around that much weight can be dangerous, and making sure your equipment is reliable is the first step in avoiding accidents and high costs.

Using top-of-the-line parts and services for your equipment is an excellent way to get the most out of your equipment, increase profits, and create a safe working environment.

In this article, we’ll go over the SEW Eurodrive Catalogue of products for 2019, which offers some of the most reliable and highest quality parts available.  

SEW Eurodrive Catalogue: Gearmotors

Choosing the right gear motor for your equipment is crucial.

Picking the wrong gearbox can mean less productivity, higher maintenance costs, and a great chance of break downs.

Luckily, SEW Eurodrive has several gear motors available with two new additions to the 2019 catalog: helical-bevel gearboxes and the new ZN..series servo gear motors.

Helical-Bevel Gearmotors

These high torque, low-maintenance helical-bevel gear motors from SEW Eurodrive are high-performance parts.

With a 200 kW power range, high endurance gearing and incredible efficiency, these gear motors are designed to last while giving a top-notch performance. And with a wide range of combination options for gear units and motors, you can be sure that these gear motors are the right choice for any application.

ZN..Series Precision Servo Gearmotors

Able to provide extreme precision at high acceleration torques, the ZN.. series precision servo gear motors can take on several demanding applications. Available in 12 different sizes, there is a gear motor for every application.

The compact yet powerful design of the ZN.. series makes it easy to install, even in tight quarters, and its excellent overload capacity prevents breakdowns and maintenance costs. Whether you’re looking for torque, stiffness or weight, the ZN.. series precision servo gear motor will meet all of your needs.

Gearmotor Accessories

SEW Eurodrive has also added a new gearbox accessory to their catalog this year which can dramatically increase the life of your gear motors.

Integrated Mechanical Brakes

Upon request, you can now have your gear motor delivered with an integrated mechanical brake, available in both single and double brakes.

These brakes come in a large variety of sizes, meaning that you can find the perfect match for your gear motor. It also has a compact design, meaning less installation space and less installation work as well.

SEW Eurodrive also offers an upgrade to these brakes: a functional and wear monitoring diagnostic system. It provides real-time information about the function and wear of each brake, giving you an advantage when it comes to maintaining your equipment.   

Buy Wisely

SEW Eurodrive has definitely stepped things up this year with the introduction of their helical-bevel gear motors, the ZN.. series precision servo gearboxes, and their new brakes.

The most important part of buying new industrial parts is to make sure you’re buying the right part for the right job. To get all the information you need about purchasing industrial parts and SEW Eurodrive’s catalog, please visit our blog.

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