Industrial Safety: 4 Tips for Ensuring Safety on an Oil Rig

Do you love working on an oil rig? If so, you’ve probably gone through a fair amount of industrial safety training.

Yet, working on an oil rig can be a dangerous job. For example, the Minerals Management Service handles offshore drilling and reported 39 fires or explosions in the first five months of 2009 alone.

Clearly, you can never be too safe. To ensure that you’re protected from the hazards of an oil rig,  take a look at our tips below.

Keep reading to learn about the top four tips for keeping you safe on an oil rig. Let’s get right into it!

Keep the machines working properly

While it may seem that the first thing you do should revolve around keeping people protected, it is actually incredibly important to keep the machines running smoothly.

These machines can make or break the safety of workers on the oil rig. As such, it is essential to keep the machines working properly.

You need to treat the machinery well and keep it running smoothly or else you may endanger your life and the lives of those around you.

Be sure that everyone around you is properly trained in handling the machinery. Don’t forget to take part in regular maintenance and checkups of the equipment.

Keep repair and safety tool boxes nearby

You can never have too many safety tool boxes around. Be sure that repair equipment and tool boxes are stashed in all corners of the oil rig.

You also want to make sure you have enough first aid kits located in easy to reach places. You never know when someone might get injured and need first aid immediately.

Industrial safety precautions require repair tool boxes and first aid kits to be available on all industrial sites. However, this is especially vital for oil rigs located in the sea.

Request to have more supplies than you think is needed just in case you end up in short supply. You will likely need welding gear, power tools, plumbing equipment, electrical tools, and more.

Be sure you have all the repair and safety tool boxes you need at every corner of the oil rig.

Be on the alert at all times

You never know when an accident may occur so it is really important to stay alert. Often, an accident can happen rapidly and without warning.

Keep your eyes out for any falling equipment and keep focused on your machinery. Remain a safe distance away from any moving equipment as well.

Keep an eye out for your co-workers and avoid bumping into anyone. Remain alert at all times when you’re working on an oil rig.

Need another industrial safety tip? Wear your protective gear!

To avoid getting hurt, be sure to wear high-quality protective gear.

The protective accessories may vary from job to job. you may wear one thing when welding and something completely different when operating heavy machinery.

You may need to wear goggles, gloves, face protection accessories, and more. Whatever the protective gear may be, be sure to keep it on at all times.

To keep yourself and your coworkers safe, consider getting one of our crane inspections. If you need products or services for your industrial works, get in touch with us.

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