Gantry Crane Brakes and Accessories

Kor-Pak is your source for Gantry Crane Brakes and related accessories.


Gantry Crane Brakes and Accessories

Wheel Clamp

Wheel Clamp

Kor-Pak is a one-stop source for Gantry Crane Braking Systems and Related Accessories.  Kor-pak is proficient in brake system design, selection, engineering, and packaging and possesses the experience and expertise required to provide a robust and reliable system for your Gantry Crane.

Complete Turnkey Braking System Solutions for Rail Mounted Gantry

(RMG) and Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Cranes

Kor-Pak can deliver complete solutions for your Gantry Crane, including the following products and services:

  • Industrial Brakes
    • Thruster Drum and Disc Brakes for dyanmic stopping and secondary holding applicationsContainer Crane Brake
    • Fail Safe Caliper Disc Brakes for Emergency Brake Application: magnetic, hydraulic, or air released
    • Storm and Parking Brakes: rail clamps, wheel brakes, rail brakes, hydraulic released
  • Brake Accessories and Controls
    • Power Units
    • Wheels, Discs, and Couplings
    • PLC, VFD
  • Repair
    • Complete overhaul of brake movement, thruster, or entire assembly

Crane Controls and Material Handling Equipment for Gantry Cranes

Kor-Pak provides several products and services for Gantry Cranes, including:

Crane Drive and Idler Wheels

Crane Drive and Idler Wheels

  • Crane Wheels
  • Rope Drums
  • Festoons
  • Conductor Bars and Cables
  • Rail
  • Crane Components
  • Custom Machined/Reverse Engineered Parts

Gantry Crane Services

  • Crane Upgrades and Modernizations
  • Certified Inspections
  • Training

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